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Married on a Post-it

Meredith Grey is my spirit animal. Previously meredithgreyvoiceovers.
Apr 23 '14

First and last pic of Ellen and Sandra from season 10

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Apr 23 '14
"I believe in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that we will be okay."
Isobel Stevens, Grey’s Anatomy (via auxillarie)
Apr 22 '14
"I had that thought a lot too. And I didn’t like myself for it, but I did. I kept thinking about my wife and baby and how you had no wife and no baby. You had no one. I only went on that plane because I was pissed at you. So I kept wondering. I’m only here, because he’s so selfish and thoughtless. And no matter how hard I tried to make him better, he’s still a horrible person. So I kept wondering, how could this happen to someone like me, instead of someone like you. So I guess I’m still pretty pissed off. Would you get out of my room, please?"
Arizona Robbins  (via viva-la-jcap)

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Apr 21 '14

03x22 → 10x19 - callie torres then and now

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Apr 21 '14


inspired by (x)

Apr 21 '14
"Since when does the possession of ovaries become an insult?"
Cristina Yang | Grey’s Anatomy | The First Cut Is the Deepest (via justahubcap)
Apr 20 '14
"I believe in heaven. I also believe in hell. I’ve never seen either, but I believe they exist. They have to exist because without a heaven, without a hell, we’re all just headed for limbo."
grey’s anatomy (via newgirlintownx)
Apr 19 '14

Naming Mark Sloan, Grey's Anatomy

  • George: Why is he suturing his own face?
  • Cristina: To turn me on.
  • Alex: Because he’s Mark Sloan, he’s like the go-to plastic surgeon on the east coast.
  • George: That’s the guy Addison was sleeping with?
  • Izzie: You can’t really blame her, can you?
  • Cristina: No, not really
  • George: Yes, you can
  • Meredith: McSexy wants an X-ray to check for fractures and I think it’s a bad idea if I take him.
  • George: Why? Why?
  • Alex: I'm on it
  • George: Why's it a bad idea?
  • Cristina: McSexy?
  • Meredith: No?
  • Izzie: McYummy?
  • Meredith and Cristina: No.
  • Meredith: McSteamy.
  • Cristina: Aw, there it is.
  • Izzie: Yep.
  • George: (coughs) Just choking back some...McVomit.
Apr 18 '14
Apr 17 '14
"I’ve lived. I’ve really really lived. I’ve failed, I’ve been devastated, I’ve been broken. I’ve gone to hell and back.
And I’ve also known joy and passion. And I’ve had a great love.
See death for me is not justice. It’s a … end of a beautiful journey. And I’m not afraid to die."
Richard Webber (Grey’s Anatomy)

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Apr 16 '14
"Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy! Jesus: blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God! Jesus: blessed are those who have been persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven! Jesus is my savior daddy, not you! And Jesus would be ashamed of you for judging me! He would be ashamed of you for turning your back on me. He would be ashamed."
Callie Fucking Torres (via life-on-a-bike)
Apr 15 '14
"I’m supposed to be studying for my boards, the most important exam of my life. And instead, I’m locked in the bathroom crying over a boy."

Cristina Yang, season 8, episode 19  Grey’s Anatomy

WTF. The story of my life.  (:D)

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Apr 14 '14

Grey's Anatomy Quote of the Day

  • Burke: Ahem... Dr. Karev.
  • Alex: No, I'm talking this time.
  • Burke: Excuse me?
  • Alex: I tell the truth. It’s what I do. It doesn't make me a bad doctor. Everyone walks around this place lying. Look we tell a patient that’s dying that there's hope when there is no hope. Maybe I'm a pig, maybe I'm an ass, and maybe I'm a vermin like everybody says. But I tell them the truth. It’s the one thing that I've got going for me. And you don't get to take that away from me and call it a lesson. Sir.
Apr 13 '14

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Apr 12 '14